Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Not What You Read But Where You Read it Challenge


So instead of focusing on a certain theme/kind of book, this challenge has to do with where you're reading the book.  There are seven categories and the goal is to read at least an hour in each one of them.  I already have an idea for where I can read in six of the categories.  The only one I'm going to have a problem with is "Probably Shouldn't".  Since the hour doesn't have to be consecutive, I can probably fit in 10 minutes in an inappropriate place to read, but I just need to come up with one.

The categories are:

Twist Your House
I moved to a different apartment last month so everywhere I read is new. I try to read every night before bed so I know I've read more than an hour in the bedroom and the living room

Place of Commerce
On the Move 
1/31 - Read 20 minutes on the bus to and from the mall
2/7 - Read 20 minutes on light rail while running errands
2/12 - Read 10 minutes on bus
2/14 - Read 10 minutes on light rail

In Nature
2/16 - Read 20 minutes on grass
2/17 - Read 40 minutes on grass

A Place You Don't Call Home
3/17/11 - Read one hour on plane ride to San Francisco

Probably Shouldn't
In Pairs
6/18 - Read for 20 minutes at work while the student worker was also

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  1. Thanks for joining! I'm looking forward to seeing where you're reading!! ♥