Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading Challenge Addict

Reading Challenge Addict

2010 was the first year I've ever done reading challenges.  I can't remember how exactly I stumbled upon the first one, but when I found a whole blog dedicated to all the different ones out there, I was hooked.  I am proud to say I completed ten of them last year, with one more to go that ends in February (the blog it was hosted on has been deleted, but for my own edification and the fact that I signed up for a similar challenge this year, I'm going to finish it!). Doing these challenges really helped me break out of my comfort zone.  I read books I normally wouldn't have and I actually crossed some off of my TBR list that I kept pushing aside for others.

This year, I'm not doing as many.  That many change as the year goes on and more get posted, but right now I'm at six.  That's not stopping me for joining the Reading Challenge Addict challenge.  The level I fit in to is: On the Roof: 6-10 challenges (entered and completed).

Here are the challenges I've entered so far:

Paranormal YA Reading Challenge - Read at least 12 books (my challenge post)

Outdo Yourself Challenge - Try to read more books this year than I did last year.  I read 50 books in 2010 so I'm going with the first level, Getting My Heart Rate Up: Read 1-5 more books (my challenge post)

Support Your Local Library Challenge - All of the books I read, I get from the library so this is the perfect challenge for me.  Since my goal is to read at least 51 books, I chose highest level, Mega Size: Read 51+ books (my challenge post)

Crusin' Thru the Cozies Challenge - I'm a big mystery lover and I like a cozy mystery every so often.  I picked the first level for this one, Snoop: Read 1-6 cozy mysteries.  I'm aiming to read six (my challenge post)
Jan 7 - Finished my first cozy mystery! 

YA Reading Challenge - I was going to start with the first level, Mini, and read 12 YA books.  All 12 would be Paranormal books since it will crossover with the other YA challenge I'm doing.  I guess to give myself more of a challenge, I'll go up a level and do the Fun Size level: Read 20 YA books (my challenge post)

Dewey Decimal Challenge:  Try and read more nonfiction books.  I chose the highest level, Master: Read four nonfiction books (my challenge post)

Mar 22 - Added more challenges! 

It's Not What You Read But Where You Read it Challenge: Read in seven different places for an hour (my challenge post)

Alphabet Challenge: For each letter of the alphabet, you have to pick a character from each book you read. I started out with 10 (my challenge postFinished on Mar 11

2011 Pub Challenge: Read 11 books published in 2011 (my challenge post)

What an Animal Reading Challenge: Read 6 books with an animal in it, on the cover, in the title, etc (my challenge post)

E-Book Challenge: I picked the third level, Addicted - Read 12 e-books (my challenge post)

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